About Us

We are Lauryn and Chris, a local Bellingham husband and wife pet sitting team. We are committed to making your life easier and your pet’s lives happier by providing outstanding pet care while you are away. We’ve both had dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, rabbits, birds and even a pair of beloved rats throughout our lives, because we LOVE animals. Currently we share our lives and our hearts with a very smiley Airedale Terrier puppy named Roxy. We are locally owned, licensed, bonded, and insured, and based in Barkley Village, in Bellingham WA. We serve clients in the greater Bellingham area. 

In addition to a lifetime of providing our own animals with forever homes and excellent care, Lauryn has also been a certified Canine Search and Rescue handler, training two dogs to become air scenting search dogs with the California Rescue Dog Association. Lauryn and her dogs underwent a rigorous 3 year training program to become certified, and participated in over 100 wilderness and water searches to locate missing people. Not only do we care about animals, but we care about people too ❤️. We look forward to caring for your pets!