How can we help your pet smile today? 

We offer a variety of professional pet care services ranging from daily walks or hiking field trips to in home companionship visits. Special needs? No problem! We’ve got you covered. Too pooped to scoop? We offerweekly pet waste removal services. 

We’ll go over all your pet’s needs during our meet and greet and create a custom care plan to ensure they are getting the best care possible. Scroll down to see our rates. 

Services & Rates

Dog Walking or Dog/ Cat Drop In Visits:
30 minutes             $25
45 minutes             $35
60 minutes             $45
Additional Pets      $5 ea

Overnight  Visit     $78
(scroll down to see overnight details block)
Additional Pets     $10 ea

Call of the Wild Beach & Hiking Adventures!
Decompression hikes are an essential element to your dogs health and happiness. These adventures allow your dog to spend time in a natural environment sniffing, running and exploring….free to live their best dog life! All adventures are conducted using a long line leash unless prior determination has been made with owner consent for the dog to be off leash. The one or two hours includes pick up & drop off, transport time plus the hike.

1 hour private adventure    $53 
2 hour private adventure    $78
Additional dogs are $15. each

Pet Taxi
One way                 $14
Round Trip             $22

Holidays: Rates will be 25% higher Christmas day, New Year’s Day (and the week in between), Easter weekend, Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July, Labor Day weekend and the four day Thanksgiving weekend.

If desired, multiple day visits of 3 days or longer  include complimentary light or window blind rotation, plant watering, mail and package retrieval and trash/ recycling rotation.

An additional charge of $5.00 per visit will apply to any home visits in the city of Bellingham more than 10 minutes from Barkley Village. Please inquire about mileage charges for visits outside of Bellingham. 

Overnight Visits

Overnight visits are 12 hours and can be started anywhere from 6-8 pm. During this time we will provide the following care for your pets:

  • Two neighborhood walks; one in the am and one in the pm
  • Feeding in the am and pm 
  • Fresh water 
  • Food and water bowls cleaned 
  • Medications
  • Lots of love, play, and enrichment time
  • Poop scooping or litter box cleaning
  • Any other special needs that we discuss

For visits three or more nights we will also bring in the mail and packages, set out trash and recycling, water plants, and rotate lights and blinds if desired.

  • If mid day care is also desired, our standard rates for dog walking / home visits will apply. After our meet and greet we will provide you with an estimate for the custom care plan specifically designed for your pet.

Reservations / Cancellations 

All pet sitting  reservations require a 30% non refundable deposit with the balance due on or before the first day of service. Cancellations are due 7 days prior to your reservation, and 14 days prior to your reservation during all holiday periods.